Sink and Built-In Appliances

For your kitchen projects, built-in solutions like cooktops, ovens, and range hoods cater to all your needs with energy-efficient, state-of-the-art technology. Kitchen sinks are an integrated product group that you decide on while planning your kitchen’s project, aligning with your kitchen furniture. When selecting kitchen sinks, factors like countertop size, available space, kitchen cabinet color, and scratch-resistant coatings are important. Varieties of kitchen sinks made from stainless steel, composite granite, or ceramic are offered to customers, including options with or without drainers.

In Arma Ceramic Stores, you can explore built-in appliances from the Teka brand and kitchen sinks from Teka, Grohe, Bocchi, and RealStone brands in our product displays. Our expert staff is available to provide you with information and assistance in making your selections. Additionally, you can quickly place orders through our online shopping website,

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